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About Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment is an online information portal created and curated by the staff of the International Microdentistry Institute (IMI-EDN). The website’s main goal is to inform individuals who are suffering from periodontal disease about the steps they can undergo to take care of the pathology. The website also aims to generate awareness in those individuals that may be susceptible to developing gum disease, or that wish to know more about the pathology and the potential treatment procedures available.

Through Periodontal Treatment, we want to offer our patients a high level of awareness and a full understanding of each and every phase of our innovative and efficient 5-step treatment, from the prevention to the follow-up stage, so that they know the steps we are committed to carry out in order to achieve the expected results. Out patient’s health and well being, as well as their satisfaction after undergoing our treatments, are our utmost priority.

IMI-EDN’s mission is to offer its patients the best treatment possible, thanks to the employment of state-of-the-art technology in a highly comfortable and hygienic environment. In order to constantly improve our therapies, we carry out sophisticated research at our proprietary labs, and therefore are able to ensure the best possible outcome: to banish gum disease. At IMI-EDN, we are able to cure what others can’t see.


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