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“ Currently, periodontal disease is managed rather than treated. Existing methods are ineffective in healing the disease, and long-term treatment often results in the unnecessary removal of teeth. We have developed a treatment that can defeat he pathogens permanently. PERIOBLAST™ is a breakthrough that gives patients the chance to save their teeth, regenerate bone and ultimately be pain free. ”

DR. Francesco Martelli

Periodontal Treatment

Primary Treatment:

• Perioblast Non-Surgical
• Mechanical: scaling and root planing
• Photodynamic: ND : YAG laser assisted decontamination, biomodulation, biostimulation
• Removal of hopeless teeth
• Socket preservation procedure

Secondary Treatment

• Occlusal adjustment
• Elimination of occlusal trauma and cross bite
• Soft tissues managment
• Replacing missing teeth
• Bone metabolism and vitamin D assessment
• Systemic diseases correlation assessment

Eliminating the causes of periodontitis permanently

The main objective of minimally invasive treatment with the aid of microscope and laser is the elimination of periodontal bacteria, which is the primary cause of periodontitis. This is a strictly non-surgical treatment, based on the use of the surgical microscope and a high-powered laser in order to ensure complete elimination of tartar and deep decontamination of any bacteria present in the pockets. It is a painless treatment performed, in the majority of cases, without any anaesthesia, and is considered terminated once the microbiological test shows a total percentage of pathogens lower than 1%.

How to banish periodontitis

The treatment consists of tartar ablation and laser sessions performed strictly with the assistance of the microscope. This method allows the removal of tartar concretions found at a depth of many millimetres, making any surgical treatment completely superfluous. Once the roots of the teeth have been made perfectly clean, the laser therapy is carried out enabling total elimination of the free bacteria as well as those inside the dental tubules.

Why choose laser therapy to treat periodontitis?

Laser therapy is completely painless and, after a few applications, the bleeding, sensitivity, depth of the pathological probing and symptoms associated with the disease all are dramatically reduced. Once treatment has been concluded, we conduct microbiological and enzymatic control analyses to confirm the elimination of the pathogenic bacteria and demonstrate successful recovery from the infection. With the passing of time, it will be possible to observe a second type of healing and, when ideal conditions are maintained, it is possible to observe a natural re-growth of the bone within 12 months.

Advantages of using the Laser

• It Reaches microorganisms hidden in areas that pharmaceutical products cannot reach
• It Penetrates inside the periodontal pocket, eliminating the bacteria
• Use of the laser combined with the microscope enables a flapless treatment, even at an advanced stage
• It does not require anaesthesia
• It immediately eliminates bleeding gums
• It eliminates or reduces tooth mobility
• It regenerates the periodontal tissues

How does periodontitis develop?

Unlike many diseases caused by a pathogenic microorganism where it is only possible to solve the problem with pharmaceutical products, periodontitis is a polymicrobial infection caused by a number of microorganisms. It is not possible to use pharmacological treatment alone, as it is not sufficient to fight this disease. The root cementum and dental tubules where the bacteria accumulates, are tissues devoid of any blood vessels, thus even the most powerful antibiotic would not be able to reach these areas.
The same applies for topical applications with a mouthwash; the amount of antibacterial substance that arrives inside a pocket through mouth washing is not sufficient to fight the disease.
Prevention and early intervention at the onset of the first symptoms are the necessary actions in order to prevent the worsening of a serious medical condition such as periodontitis.

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