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Prognosis periodontal treatment

Once all of the steps of the treatment plan have been carried out, the microbiological test is then repeated to certify that the mouth has regained a healthy ecosystem, hence showing a clear prevalence of saprophytes and a level of percentage of pathogens that the immune system is able to easily manage.

The microbiological test, in fact, has proven to be a valuable tool to ensure that treatment has been successful, since the correct balance between saprophytes, pathogens, host’s immune response and individual management of the inflammation, are all key for the presence of a healthy ecosystem.

Restoring this balance proves the patient’s recovery: the teeth are now in a condition of healthiness and, in order to maintain this positive state, it is necessary to proceed to the fifth and last step of our periodontal therapy, the follow-up phase.

Once gum disease has been eradicated, it is possible to plan aesthetic recovery therapies to solve the aesthetic damages suffered as a result of periodontal inflammation. With the latest generation of veneers you can restore a beautiful (and healthy) smile with just a couple of sessions, and at a reasonable cost.

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