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periodontitis prevention

Primary prevention: to closely follow children from 6 years of age in order to maintain teeth functional for life

periodontitis prevention

Secondary prevention: to avoid relapse of infection and avoid the onset of peri-implantitis

Preventing periodontitis can save your teeth!

The health of your mouth certainly depends on careful daily oral hygiene, through flossing, mouth rinsing and swab cleaning, in addition to the brushing of teeth (preferably with an electric brush) after meals.

In order to Maintain functional teeth, it is it is necessary to supplement these daily habits with regular, professional oral hygiene sessions with the aid of the microscope.
Moreover, it is also fundamental, depending on your susceptibility to gum disease, to reapeat the the microbiologic test once a year to prevent any recurrence.

Prevention: the enzymatic test

The enzymatic test is one of the most effective diagnostic methods for the prevention of periodontitis. This test is quick, painless and immediately able to detect the degenerative processes of periodontal and peri-implant tissues.

The enzymatic test for the prevention of pyorrhea uses the high sensitivity of the aMMP-8 enzyme, which is present in high quantities in the early stages of inflammation of the periodontium.

With an advance of , or even months if compared with more traditional diagnostic methods (generally based on the radiological examinations, the bleeding of the gums and classical dental examination), the enzyme test can instantly verify the presence of periodontal inflammation. Depending on the test result it will be possible to calibrate the entire diagnostic and therapeutic procedure for the patient.

Together with the microbiological test and periodontal risk test, the enzymatic test is now the most advanced method to prevent periodontitis and take the correct measures from the very beginning of this inflammation.

periodontitis prevention

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periodontitis prevention

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