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Follow up

periodontitis follow-up

From 6 to 36 months: reassessment of failing teeth

periodontitis follow-up

New microbiological sampling every 12 months

periodontitis follow-up

New full, or partial mouth laser-assisted treatment, if required

Following the treatment with laser and microscope, the microbiological test is repeated, in order to confirm the recovery and check the pathogenic charge.
In fact, the success of the Perioblast treatment is not just the biological treatment of periodontitis: its main goal is clinical recovery.
The maintenance of the renewed health of the mouth is linked with the programming of a maintenance therapy that includes, besides the classic oral hygiene practices both at home and at the dentist, the regular repetition of microbiological tests, in order to prevent the subsequent re-emergence of periodontal problems.

In case of relapses there is no need to worry: the results obtained are easily renewed and maintained with simple and immediate treatment.
Following these easy steps, you’ll be sure to not suffer gum disease ever again.

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