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Preventing periodontitis And the connected risk of losing teeth is possible.
Hereby you can find a Decalogue of actions and behaviours to put into practice – ever since childhood – to prevent and recognise the first symptoms of diseases affecting the teeth and the mouth.

The 10 rules of periodontal prevention

Presented by Dr. Francesco Martelli.

1. Begin prevention when the first tooth erupts
It is important that parents brush their children’s teeth until They reach school age, and then that they teach them the basic techniques of oral hygiene and effective plaque control. Regular Dentist appointments must be carried out in order to prevent and detect any abnormalities.

2. Carefully check the condition of the gums after the eruption of permanent teeth
If the gums are swollen, red, or bleeding, set upan examination. Bleeding gums, irrespective of the frequency or the extent, are an indication of active disease.

3. Have teeth professionally cleaned regularly
The frequency will depend on the condition of the mouth. At these appointments, the hygienist can also give you tips on how to look after your gums and teeth better.

4. At puberty, carry out a risk test to assess the genetic risk factors that could give rise to the onset of periodontitis.

5. Book a check with your dentist to see if there are any deep pits and fissures that need sealing.
Deep pits and fissures are plaque traps and can be difficult to clean.

6. Have a microbiological test conducted in case of clinically confirmed periodontitis
Once gum disease is cured, this test should be repeated once a year to prevent any recurrence.

7. If you have periodontitis you must treat the disease.
In order to overcome periodontal infections, it is not sufficient to just remove teeth or replace them with implants. The same bacteria that cause periodontitis also affect implants, causing perimplantitis, and can lead to loss of the implant.

8. It is strongly advised you give up smoking
Smoking causes a 7 to 10-fold increase in the risk of losing teeth due to periodontitis and the treatments are less effective in the case of smoking.

9. Have specific medical checks conducted in case of diabetes, atherosclerosis or osteoporosis
Never underestimate the role that toxins and bacteria play as they constantly enter the bloodstream and can therefore have an impact on these diseases. Many systemic diseases are correlated with periodontitis.

10. If you are unsure of any lesions in the mouth, please arrange a visit
It is very important to screen any lesions in mouth. Mouth cancer is the 14th most common cancer in the UK (Cancer research 2013).

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