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Correlated risks

gum disease correlated risks

and Peri-implantitis

The bacteria that provoke gum disease can also attack an implant, causing an inflammatory process that, if left untreated, may lead to the loss of the implant. Therefore, before undergoing any implantology intervention, it is important to heal the mouth from periodontal bacteria.

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gum disease correlated risks

Periodontal diseases
and systemic diseases

Scientific evidence shows that there is an existing relationship between periodontitis and other systemic diseases. In fact, the bacteria that cause the inflammatory processes in the mouth may enter the bloodstream and trigger the potential development of other systemic diseases.

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periodontitis prevention

Gum disease
and osteoporosis

Our teeth are supported by bone structures and, therefore, are deeply affected by diseases such as osteoporosis. Deficiency in Vitamin D levels could represent a risk factor for the development of osteoporosis and may affect the jawbones, triggering the onset of periodontitis.

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