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“A day without laughter is a wasted day.”

Charlie Chaplin

Dental aesthetics: caring for your smile!

The aesthetic damage caused by periodontitis, with teeth that have visibly changed position, can be overcome without resorting to dental treatment which in many cases could easily reactivate the disease, or to the irreversible replacement of your own teeth with prostheses and dental implants. After the biological and clinical healing, while maintaining your own teeth thanks to an innovative method with veneers and vestibular splinting, recovery is possible, also in aesthetic terms, with savings in both time and costs.

Treated by dr. Scovotto and dr. Novelli – Periodontal treatment and aesthetic recovery

Photographs of patient’s mouth:

aesthetic recovery

Photo of patient before periodontal and aesthetic treatment

after treatment

Photo of patient after periodontal treatment and aesthetic and functional restoration

Panoramic x-ray:

aesthetic recovery xray

Microbiological analyses:


Microbiological analysis before periodontal laser treatment


Microbiological analysis after periodontal laser treatment – both the bacterial count (left pie chart) and the depth of the periodontal pockets have been reduced

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